Posters made for cultural institutions,
publishing houses, contest and exhibitions.

Ghost Posters. Exhibition. 2008  

Day vs. gender violence. Prix of  Asturies Workers Comissions. 2008

"Women's Day" 2009  

Tribute to Pablo, journalist killed in the Spanish Civil War. 2006

Four elements. Project Future. Poster and magazine cover. 2009

"La Palabra Pintada" exhibition. Leer León International Book Fair

Havana's Carnival Project. UNESCO.  2007

Trinidad Project. UNESCO. 2007  

Camaleón Group. Exhibition. 2005

Book Fair of Cuba (co-author) This campaign has an ONDI prize

Poster contest. 2006  

Politic Poster. Exhibition. OSPAAAL  

Politic Poster. Exhibition. OSPAAAL  

Politic Poster. Defend Palestinian. Cuban Book Institute. 2006

Politic Poster. La Jiribilla de  Papel. 2009

"The car did not want to pollute" Gente Nueva artist exhibition. 2009

Graphic Chat. SpicandProud. Exhibition. 2008

Poster for a friends party.  Voodoo Bar.2010